Meta Tags Generator

If you are looking for a Free SEO Meta Tags Generator, then MTG is the right tool for you. Basically, Meta Tags are hidden pieces of text that are placed within the HEAD tag of a HTML web page. These Meta Tags are used by almost all major search engines to keep a record of a website by indexing them.

Who can use Meta Tags Generator?

Anyone! Meta Tags Generator generates Meta Tags info based upon the input information entered instantly and for Free! So anyone who wants to quickly generate Meta Tags for their website, can use this tool. Web masters, Web Designers, SEO specialists can find MTG to be immensely useful and use it in their everyday activities.

A Meta Tag helps a lot in getting a website indexed, although it is not the only thing that can help a website be found. But for the most cases, proper Meta Tags can be really helpful and can make a website popup in the first page search listings of a search engine and thereby provide maximum exposure to the business. The body text contained in the web page also account for a good ranking of the website.

What makes Meta Tags Generator Unique?

We wanted you to ask! Meta Tags Generator is a unique Meta Tag generation tool. Not only does it generate Meta Tags for your website, but it also shows if the entered information will be completely visible or not in search engine results listing. For example, a search engine will show only a certain number of characters & description in the search results. MTG offers you the ability to enter your tag information and instantly check if this info will be completely visible in search results or not. This data is shown for the following search engines: Google, Yahoo, Bing & Ask.

It's very simple! Enter few words in the Title box & the Meta Keywords to see if all of the entered info can be displayed, then "OK" result will be displayed using the tick icon. If not, then an "Exclamation" icon is shown. Using this information to your advantage, you can tweak the Title and Meta Description so that they appear properly and completely in the different search engines so that extra characters don't get replaced with ... (3 dots) as it generally happens.

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