Percentage Calculator

Percentage Calculator is a simple calculator that lets you do two things:
  • Lets you calculate the amount when you have a percentage value and an amount as input.
  • Lets you calculate the percentage when you two amounts as input.
Although the concept of percentage calculation is simple in nature, but the process itself can be confusing to many of us. The calculation can be very hard, stressful and error-prone. Percentage Calculator was built with an intention to simplify te whole calculation process. It gets the job done accurately without you having to worry about complex mathematical logic and operations. This helps save your time and improve your productivity.
It's very simple. You can use this calculator for couple of purposes:
  • If you want to find out the XYZ% of an amount ABC, then use the "Calculate the Amount" calculator below.
  • If you want to find out the percentage, an amount XYZ is of an amount ABC, then use the "Calculate the Percentage" calculator below.
Calculate the Amount
Calculate the Percentage