PHP Date Time Format Generator

It is a Free PHP Date Time Format Generator that generates the Date and Time formats you can use in your PHP website. All you would have to do is simply click the buttons and the relevant PHP code and date time will be shown to you so you can tweak it as desired.
Its virutally impossible to remember all combinations of Date and Time. To ensure that no mistakes are made and to save time for PHP developers, this tool was developed so that the desired date-time combinations can be generated easily with few button clicks.
Very simple! Simply Build your own Date-Time formats by clicking on the buttons below. If you would like to see few examples, head over to the "Samples" section and click on a button. Then click on "Run PHP Code" button to see how the Output would look like.

Simply click the buttons below to generate the desired Date Time format

Use Separators if you wish to separate the Date, Month, Year, Time

(Gives a general idea of Output)
(actual PHP Code that you can copy)