Professional Article Writing Tool

If you are looking for a free Professional Article Writing Tool, then PAWT is the right tool for you. PAWT let's you type text or articles in Feature-rich Textarea that provides you with the exact Character Count, Word Count and Paragraph count in real time. Not only that, you can write an article from scratch or you can also use an existing article, edit it and get the Character and Word Counts in real time. PAWT is by far the only Free, Online article writing tool available that shows you the accurate count summary as well as provides you with rich tools to write your articles and helps you fix formatting issues at the click of a button.

Who can use Professional Article Writing Tool?

Anyone! Regardless of who you are and what you do, your hunt for an article writing tool ends here! As long as you need to type an article and maintain the correct count of the characters and words typed, this tool is for you! So you may be a writer who makes a living out of writing articles and charges on the basis of characters typed or a guest blogger who makes money by blogging certain words of text, this tool is absolutely useful for them as well. So you might be a webmaster, a blogger, a writer or anyone else, PAWT is really the tool to use!

PAWT is a unique article writing tool. So unique and brilliant that there is no other article writing tool in the entire market that can offer the same features for Free!

It is well known that for an article written using Microsoft Word, it gives you the correct count of Characters, Words and Paragraphs. Now here's the interesting part. PAWT gives you the exact same count of Characters, Words and Paragraphs as Microsoft Word does. So PAWT offers the same accuracy as Microsoft Word does, when it comes to counting the exact number of characters, words and paragraphs. Because of this accuracy, you can bill your clients for writing articles precisely to the last count of the character and earn the most.

What makes PAWT really stand out?

Here's the main reason why you should use PAWT. If you have ever used Microsoft Word as an article writing tool, you would know that it does not let you edit the text in HTML mode. So there's no simple way, to get the HTML code easily at the click of a button so that you can copy and paste it in your HTML document source code or in your blog. Trying to copy and paste the formatted text from MS Word directly is error prone and could easily make the web page clumsy with redundant code. PAWT offers you Rich Text tool so that you can edit the article in both WYSIWYG view and HTML view and also maintain the same accuracy for word, character and paragraph count!

Not only that, PAWT also offers you smart sentence correcting tools that let you correct your sentences by changing text case at the click of a button. And the best part is, PAWT is absolutely free to use and it's an online tool.

It's very simple! Just copy and paste the text or type it manually in the box below and just hit the buttons to change them the way you like.

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